John Young at the Descartes landing site, EVA 1, Apollo 16, April 1972

John Young at the Descartes landing site, EVA 1, Apollo 16, April 1972


Credit: Charles Duke

Vintage chromogenic print, 20.2 x 25.4 cm

NASA AS16-114-18388

“That blackness you see in those photographs is just black black. You feel like you can go over there and it’s a black velvet screen – it’s just a backdrop for this stage deal we did. So that’s the feeling of space, that you can reach out and touch it. And yet there’s nothing there.” Charles Duke

[NASA description] Astronaut John W. Young, commander of the Apollo 16 lunar landing mission, stands at the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP) deployment site during the first Apollo 16 extravehicular activity (EVA-1) at the Descartes landing site. The components of the ALSEP are in the background. The lunar surface drill is just behind and to the right of astronaut Young. The drill's rack and bore stems are to the left. The three-sensor Lunar Surface Magnetometer is beyond the rack. The dark object in the right background is the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG). Between the RTG and the drill is the Heat Flow Experiment. A part of the Central Station is at the right centre edge of the picture. This photograph was taken by astronaut Charles M. Duke Jr., lunar module pilot.

Condition: mint

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