Full Moon over the Earth, Gemini 7, December 1965

Full Moon over the Earth, Gemini 7, December 1965


Credit: James Lovell

Vintage chromogenic print, 20.2 x 25.4 cm

NASA S65-63873

“Once the Apollo program was under way, it dawned on me that soon somebody was going to be taking a picture of the Earth from the Moon, so I took this picture of the Moon. When we got there on Apollo 8, we took the Earthrise photograph; they were like before-and-after pictures.” J. Lovell

[NASA description] This view of the moon was taken from the Gemini-7 spacecraft during its historic 14-day mission in space. The nose of the spacecraft is at lower left. The picture was taken with a 70mm handheld Hasselblad camera using Kodak SO217 medium speed film. Crew members for the flight were astronauts Frank Borman, command pilot; and James A. Lovell Jr., pilot.

Condition: mint

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