Gemini 2 Re-entry, January 1965

Gemini 2 Re-entry, January 1965


Vintage chromogenic print, 20.2 x 25.4 cm

NASA S-65-13167, caption on verso

[NASA caption] This photograph is an enlargement of a frame from a 16mm motion picture camera which was mounted within the GT-2 spacecraft to take film through the hatch window. The spacecraft at this point is in the re-entry phase of its return through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Peak heating exists on the spacecraft heat shield. The white glow is produced by ionised gases. The greenish tinge to the white glow is probably the contribution of the ablative products (of the heat shield) as they are known to have strong spectral lines in the green region. The bright streaks are probably hot fragments from the wire and tubing fairings located near the heat shield. The altitude is 173,000 feet. The Mach number is 19.0. The inertial velocity is 22,150 feet per second.

Condition: mint

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