READ: 'Exploring Space', National Geographic, 2013

We say: "A very readable, engaging and beautifully produced special issue of National Geographic with excellent photographs as you'd expect with this publication. Including an illustrated timeline, it charts the key developments in the exploration of space, offering a historic overview of space exploration alongside contemporary research."

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Exploring Space takes readers on a three-stage journey through the universe. Here on Earth, a host of private companies will soon offer sub-orbital tourist flights and ferry runs to the International Space Station. Next, orbiting platforms throughout the solar system monitor the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn, beaming back astonishingly high-definition images and new findings about our neighboring worlds. Finally, searches continue among the stars for answers to the beginning of the universe and for Earth-like planets that may support life. A unique illustrated timeline, created especially for this special issue, highlights developments from the first telescope to the latest discoveries. In compelling original stories, astonishing pictures and innovative graphics, the issue offers an exciting look at the new frontiers of space.

Henry Little